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Website Privacy Policy

Protecting the privacy of users visiting the Channel Letter Depot is important to us. In the process of gathering information at the Channel Letter Depot about our services, Channel Letter Depot will gather certain types of information about visitors at our website that can be classified in two groups;

Class 1) Analytical:

The Channel Letter Depot website will utilize different analytical programs that track user activity with cookies, or modified cookies, depending on how they are is configured for the purposes of improving our website for users.

Class 2) Interactive:

Users who pose questions, queries, and make requests through the Contact Forms at our website or simply email us and in the process provide personal information in order for us to respond properly. In order to respond with outgoing messages, Channel Letter Depot will use the personal information provide to response to users requests.

Channel Letter Depot, as well as our website project workers, will not knowingly disclose Class 1 or Class 2 information to any third party or partner outside the Channel Letter Depot group or workers.

Channel Letter Depot has no responsibility or liability for all content at websites that are linked externally from the Channel Letter Depot website or the privacy policies and statements contained on them.

The Website Privacy Policy for Channel Letter Depot may change from time to time. Therefore, we ask users to re-read this statement periodically.